Koch Brothers Ally With George Soros to Push (Leftist) Online Censorship


This Koch is certainly not the real thing — not the real conservative thing, anyway.

Long leftist bugaboos owing to their financing of conservative and libertarian causes and candidates, brothers Charles and David Koch are now showing their liberal side: They’re allying with tech companies, universities, and fellow billionaires to quash what they call “online extremism.”

As the Observer reports, “On July 17, the After Charlottesville Project will host its second summit in San Francisco, California. Founded in the aftermath of the deadly 2017…[violence in Charlottesville,] Virginia, the conference brings together political and business leaders to discuss solutions for curbing political terrorism. While last year’s gathering in Missouri involved grassroots and city response initiatives, the focus of this year’s summit will involve the ‘private tech sector’ and ‘best practices on the…



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