Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Sidney Powell Is an Anti-Mueller Conspiracy Monger


Michael Flynn has a new lawyer, and she has spent an awful lot of time publishing Russia investigation conspiracy theories.

That new attorney, Sidney Powell, has used her website and various social-media platforms to also argue that Flynn should withdraw his guilty plea for lying to the FBI about his conversations with a Russian diplomat.

Special counsel attorney Andrew Weissman is another particular target of Powell’s social media ire. She has accused him of “prosecutorial terrorist tactics” and called him the “lead villain” of her book, Licensed to Lie. The book, published in 2014, heavily criticized Weissman’s role in the Justice Department’s prosecution of Arthur Andersen LLP and Merrill Lynch.

But her ire isn’t confined to just Weissmann: Powell has referred to the entirety of the special counsel’s office as “creeps on a mission” and registered a website in that name to publish her…



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