Joe Biden slobbers all over himself at sad Iowa campaign stop


OTTUMWA, IA: In one of the worst staged campaign appearances ever seen, former Vice President Joe Biden stammered and crawled his way through a rambling incoherent speech. The badly stilted opening appearance in Iowa follows a series of missteps by the Biden campaign. Biden repeatedly attacked Donald Trump with a treasure trove of smears and insults, labeling him an “existential threat” to democracy.

All irony was lost on the former Vice President as he assailed the President for damaging our Democratic institutions. Blaming Charlottesville on the President. And lowering the standards of the American Presidency.

Perhaps Biden should be looking in the mirror.

Biden is up to his neck in the Russia hoax

All this from a man whose administration weaponized the intelligence agencies against the President. Rejected and undermined the results of the 2016 election. Was a member of the “extraordinary”…



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