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There she goes again.

The other day, Hillary Clinton appeared at her alma mater — Wellesley College — and gave a talk that was, without the slightest sense of irony (but of course), a serious case of projecting her own record, problems, and pattern onto the bane of her current existence — President Trump.

Where to begin? Let’s start here, with this story from Real Clear Politics which includes a good bit of the actual transcript of her talk. The headline?

Hillary Clinton: “Classic Pattern” Of Fascist Takeover Is Happening Right Now In The United States

So, point by point, let’s work our way through what she projected of her own pattern — er, I mean — what she had to say:

“The demagoguery, the appeal to the crowd, the very clever use of symbols, the intimidation, verbal and physical,” she said. “This is a classic pattern. There is nothing new about it, it is just different…



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