British prime minister candidate adopts Hillary Clinton’s losing election slogan


OXFORD, England — One of the candidates running to succeed Theresa May as British prime minister launched his campaign by saying “I’m in it to win it,” channeling Hillary Clinton’s slogan from her ill-fated 2008 campaign.

Michael Gove, the former education secretary, entered the race after a weekend dominated by revelations of past cocaine use. Bookmakers rank him in fourth place, far behind clear front-runner Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and foreign secretary.

At his launch on Monday, Gove, 51, made much of the seemingly hopeless causes he had taken on in the past only to emerge — in his account — victorious, including the campaign to leave the European Union.

“I’m in it to win it,” he said.

“I’ve been told in the past that I couldn’t succeed. I was told when I led the Leave campaign, ‘Do you know what?…



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