Brennan suggests Trump is turning ‘blind eye’ to Russian meddling to help with his reelection Conservative News Today


Former CIA Director John Brennan was trotted out Tuesday night by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to help shore up former Joe Biden new campaign narrative that President Donald Trump is an existential threat to the country.

In the process, he suggested that the president may be “turning a blind eye” to Russian interference in our electoral system because it may help with his reelection efforts.

In making such an outlandish remark, Brennan went so far as to charge that Trump may stand in the way of the intelligence community’s efforts to respond to Moscow’s meddling.

Never mind that the left continues to ignore the fact that the interference in the 2016 election took place under the Obama administration’s watch, while Brennan headed up the CIA.

While Biden was barnstorming Tuesday in Iowa, the Democratic front-runner said, “I believe that the president is literally an existential threat to…



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