Council Of Europe Commissioner Condemns Human Rights Abuses In Hungary


The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, Dunja Mijatović, has called on Hungarian authorities to take action against widespread human rights abuses. Following a four day visit to Hungary in February, Mijatović released a report on 21 May discussing a wide range of issues – from immigration to gender equality. Her condemnation of the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, and his ruling Fidesz party, follows a growing concern over the authoritarianism of the right-wing government.

In particular, Mijatović writes that, “Human rights violations in Hungary have a negative effect on the whole protection system and the rule of law. They must be addressed as a matter of urgency”. This includes the arbitrary detention of asylum seekers in transit zones along the Hungarian-Serbian border and “repeated reports of excessive violence by the police during the forcible removals of foreign nationals”. She…



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