Pro-Trump group shifts focus after Trump campaign rebuke


The move by the Keeping America Great PAC comes after the Trump campaign publicly disavowed the organization and last month issued a blistering rebuke of another pro-Trump political group. The disputes underscore the tensions that grow between politicians and the unwieldy crop of super PACs and other political groups that seek to raise unlimited amounts from a candidate’s supporters.

Corey Stewart, an unsuccessful Senate candidate from Virginia who runs Keeping America Great, told CNN that PAC officials decided to shift their focus to other candidates over the weekend.

“We don’t want to battle with the Trump campaign,” Stewart told CNN. But he said it was “short-sighted” for the campaign to lock out other donors and groups eager to help Trump.

Keeping America Great also is removing Trump’s image and name from the political action committee’s social media accounts, he said. Stewart said the PAC’s organizers…



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