Detective Pikachu’ Tops $200 Million Worldwide


‘Detective Pikachu’

Warner Bros. and Legendary

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu earned $2.7 million on Thursday on its seventh day of domestic release. That brings the Legendary and Warner Bros. release up to $69.3 million and gives it an okay (but not superlative) 1.27x weekend-to-first-week multiplier. To be fair, it’s about as leggy as Rampage which eventually had a solid 43% drop in weekend two. The question heading into this weekend is whether or not Warner Bros. and friends can convince older kids and adults to take a chance on a kid-friendly, PG-rated Pokémon flick. Truth be told, John Wick: Chapter 3 potentially over performing this weekend (a $5.9 million Thursday gross) may put a wrinkle in that plan. Nonetheless, a 50% drop ($27 million) still gets Detective Pikachu to $97 million by Sunday night.

It’ll pass the unadjusted domestic gross of Mortal Kombat ($70 million…



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