More Pokemon Movies? Ryan Reynolds And The Cast Sure Hope So


Pokemon is a massively popular franchise with fans all over the world. The brand has now made the jump to the big screen with the first live action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu. Considering how popular the Pokemon name is, the idea of the movies becoming a franchise of their own certainly has to be something that the studio and the Pokemon Company are hoping for. They’re not the only ones, as the cast of Detective Pikachu is certainly hoping for sequels as well.

Ryan Reynolds says he had such a great time making Detective Pikachu that he’d love to do it again, although, he hopes more movies get made even if Pikachu is not part of them. When CinemaBlend asked Reynolds if we might see the world of Pokemon in a future film, he said…

Pokemon has been a card game, a video game, and an animated series among other things. Each of these areas has been incredibly successful for the brand and so of course…



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