Melania Trump: Designer outfits are worth thousands – who pays for her pricey looks?


As the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump often makes visits as part of her role, and for the promotion of her Be Best campaign. Being a former fashion model, and considered a style icon by some, the 49-year-old’s outfit choices are often watched by many. Melania has worn no shortage of designer clothes over the years, and during her time at the White House with Donald Trump. At times, she’s reworn some garments – but that’s not to say it’s something she does all too often.

So, who pays for her outfits, and is there a reason why she so often wears new items as opposed to pieces she’s sported before?

With her astonishing net worth, it’s unlikely that the cost of clothes would be an object when it comes to her fashion choices.

What’s more, being in the public eye, some designers may be keen to see their work being worn by a First Lady.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the First Lady…



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