Kylie Jenner Filed for Trademarks for Hair and Baby Products


UPDATE (May 16, 2019): As previously reported, Kylie Jenner is looking to make big bucks selling baby products, including baby shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. But it has since come to our attention that Jenner also intends to develop products for grown-up hair, too.

On the very same day that sister Kendall Jenner filed trademark applications for her own all-encompassing beauty brand — and one day after applying for baby-brand trademarks — it Kylie applied for 10 “Kylie Hair” and “Kylie Hair by Kylie Jenner” trademarks, TMZ reports.

Spread out over the applications are plans to launch regular and heated hair brushes, dryers and diffusers, styling irons, and all kinds of hair-care products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, dry shampoo, hair, mousse; hair dye, and more. Oddly enough, considering how much she loves them, wigs aren’t listed.

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