Shock new claims in Tiger Woods death lawsuit, Nicholas Immesberger


Jay Busbee – Yahoo Sports

Shortly after an intoxicated Nicholas Immesberger crashed his car and died, an attorney for Immesberger’s family alleges someone at Tiger Woods’ restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, deleted videotape evidence of Immesberger drinking at the restaurant’s bar for nearly three hours.

“We have through our investigation uncovered evidence to show that the bar knew what happened, they knew about the crash that night and shortly thereafter that video evidence was destroyed and deleted off of the servers they had there at The Woods,” attorney Spencer Kuvin said at a Tuesday news conference.

“We absolutely believe that the videotape was destroyed as a direct result of his death and knowledge that he was there that night and they wanted to get rid of that evidence.”

The family of Immesberger, an employee at Woods’ restaurant, The Woods, has filed a suit against Woods and his girlfriend…



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