Facebook restricts livestreaming, invests in AI on eve of Christchurch Call Summit


Just 12 hours before Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is due to welcome leaders to the Christchurch Call summit, Facebook has announced new measures in response to the March 15 tragedy.

In a statement from Guy Rosen, vice president integrity, Facebook will restrict more users who have broken certain rules from using Facebook Live.

It will also put US$7.5 million towards research partnerships to improve its image and video analysis technology that failed to block every upload of the gunman’s video footage to its platform.

Ardern welcomed the announcement, saying it was a good first step that showed a shared commitment to making livestreaming safer.

The March 15 attack “highlighted just how easily livestreaming can be misused for hate. Facebook has made a tangible first step to stop that act being repeated on their platform”.

She said new technology would make social media safer for users and help stop the…



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