Drugs from Canada? Why not, Trump says


The President is embracing a controversial Florida proposal to import drugs from Canada, which Republicans have long opposed and many health experts have questioned.

The measure — backed by Florida Republicans Gov. Rick DeSantis and Rep. Matt Gaetz, both close Trump allies — requires federal approval. Trump has spoken highly of the idea and has told Azar to pursue the issue as a way to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

But as recently as last week, Azar expressed reservations during a meeting with Trump, DeSantis and Gaetz, prompting a “spirited discussion,” Gaetz told CNN.

“The President directed the secretary to work with Florida to get a plan approved,” Gaetz said, who hopes the measure can then be replicated in other states. “I expect that will occur.”

Trump has a long history of openly disagreeing with or disregarding his top officials on policy, like former Defense Secretary James Mattis and former…



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