Detective Pikachu Actor Ryan Reynolds Recorded Filthy Lines


Detective Pikachu may be a cute PG movie filled with the usually family-friendly monsters, but it does star Ryan Reynolds, best known for portraying Marvel’s foul-mouthed Deadpool. Though Reynolds’ titular character charms his way through the movie and drops no filthy language whatsoever, that doesn’t mean the actor didn’t get a little raunchy while filming the movie.

According to CinemaBlend, Reynolds recorded dialogue unfit for the version of the movie in theaters. “Yeah, not hard R, but there’s some stuff in there,” Reynolds told the site. “Because you just sort of want to be free. Sometimes you have to get it out. You have to say the worst thing that’s on your mind just so it goes away and then you can focus on the stuff that can actually be in the movie. So yeah, there’s a version out there that will never see the light of day.”

While Warner Bros. and Legendary are unlikely to ever…



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