20 Times Donald Trump Praised Dictators And Controversial Leaders


There’s no doubt Donald Trump loves power, and he regularly praises men who use their power to run a country in ways that support their own interests, rather than those of the people. Even when these leaders openly mock him, or make a mockery of him through their actions (how’s that denuclearization coming? Any news on that?) Trump can’t stop idolizing dictators and aspiring to match their heights.

He’s even already joked (“joked”) about a lifetime presidency, and is working hard to delegitimize any election or process that could result in the end of his time in office.

Just how much does Trump love dictators? He can tell you in his own words.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

1. Vladimir Putin: Well respected in his country and beyond.

With the 2016 presidential race underway, Trump and Putin exchanged compliments in December 2015, Reuters reported.

Putin described Trump as the “absolute…



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