Labour’s Tom Watson vows to take on Facebook as he accuses it of creating a ‘digital dystopia’ – Jonathan Walker


Is the internet a force for good?

West Midlands MP Tom Watson has a reputation as an internet early adopter.

He was the first MP to set up his own blog, for example.

And he’s a video game fan. Destiny 2 is among his favourites.

But he’s also one of the fiercest critics of the big internet firms – and an advocate of greater regulation, at least if they fail to prove they can regulate themselves.

Mr Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, is Labour’s shadow culture, media and sport secretary as well as the party’s deputy leader.

In a recent Commons debate, he said: “It feels like we are living in a digital dystopia”.

And he said there was an “urgent need to bring social media giants into line”.

The internet, and the businesses that dominate it, arouse strong feelings.

Some people believe the internet is changing the world for the better, and become evangelists.

After all, the internet allows us to access all…



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