Donald Trump Jr. quietly came to Omaha last week for … a convention of bowhunters? | Outdoors


LINCOLN — Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, knows something about the slings and arrows of politics.

But Friday night, Trump slipped in and out of the Omaha area to talk about another kind of arrows — those used in bowhunting.

Trump, who is an avid bow-and-arrow hunter, was the keynote speaker Friday night at the biennial national convention of the Pope and Young Club, a 7,000-member organization dedicated to bowhunting and big game conservation.

His address, according to those who attended, focused on bowhunting and how it’s important for hunters to take their kids into the outdoors — and not on hunting up votes for his father’s re-election.

“This had nothing to do with politics. It had everything to do with conservation and the protection of our bowhunting heritage,” said Rick Mowery, communications and marketing director for the Pope and Young…



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