Trump 2020 campaign targets older people with immigration Facebook ads


President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is probably scaring your grandma about immigrants on Facebook.

Trump’s campaign is spending 44 percent of its Facebook advertising budget to target users who are 65 and older, according to a report from Axios based on data from the political communications agency Bully Pulpit Interactive. That’s significantly more than the top 12 Democratic 2020 candidates, who are spending an average of 27 percent of their Facebook ad budgets on the over-65 crowd.

And the message Trump is using to appeal to Facebook users is a familiar one: immigration. According to Axios, he uses “nativist language around immigrants” in 54 percent of his ads. Democrats, on the other hand, are talking about fundraising and other policy issues, but not immigration. Bully Pulpit analyzed ad data from March 23 to April 5.

It’s not only the focus of Trump’s messaging that’s…



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