Taylor Swift’s Mysterious Countdown Timer


(CelebrityAccess) — Taylor Swift has been posting mysterious photos on her Instagram account, teasing announcement that appears likely to happen on April 26th.

The mystery started on Friday when Swift quietly added a countdown timer on the landing page of her website. The timer provides no information other than the fact that it is counting down to midnight on April 26th, suggesting she plans to make an announcement on that date.

The tease of the timer is bolstered by a series of cryptic images she’s posted to her Instagram, two of which feature images of jewelry – one a close up of a heart-shaped pin, and another showing a woman’s hands, adorned with rings, several of which feature a similar heart motif.

A third photo features what appears to be tulle or chiffon fabric in pastel pink.

All are tagged with the caption 4:26 but none provide any additional obvious information about what’s she’s teasing….



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