Tabloids: Duchess Meghan plays the blame game


In Touch

Cover: Poor Lady Gaga is torn between two Avengers: Endgame lovers. Sadly, the choice is not Ant-Man or Captain America, but Rocket Raccoon or Hawkeye. Yeesh. That dating pool sure is … shallow.

Anyway, the tab claims Gaga’s been seeing both Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Bradley Cooper (Rocket). But seeing them for what? A sleepover where they braid hair, eat pizza and talk about boys?

Commit me, baby, one more time: Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into a mental health facility to get help coping with her father’s serious illness. In Touch would like to take the opportunity to gleefully reminds you about every detail of her previous breakdown, as if the world isn’t a dumpster fire and we wouldn’t all love some time away.

Life & Style

Cover: Nothing sells a tabloid like Duchess Meghan’s face and name. Which is why Life & Style has…



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