MLB stars who could be extension candidates


Since last season’s World Series ended, Major League clubs have handed out contract extensions to 32 players worth more than $2.25 billion combined, a new trend that will keep some of the game’s biggest stars in their current uniforms for years to come.

A few weeks ago, we looked at 10 stars who were candidates for their own extensions, nine of whom were scheduled to become free agents between 2019-21 (from that list, Chris Sale and Jacob deGrom have already signed new deals). Today, we look at some players that haven’t even reached arbitration yet and are worthy of locking up for the long-term.

A little more than a week ago, the Braves locked up Ronald Acuña Jr. for the next eight years at $100 million. Then on Thursday, the Braves struck again, signing Ozzie Albies to a seven-year extension worth $35…



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