Meet Erica Herman, the private woman behind Tiger Woods’ comeback


Tiger Woods couldn’t stop grinning as he was crowned winner of the 2019 Masters this weekend — but it wasn’t just the trophy that put a smile on his face.

The golfing champion was seen giving his restaurant manager girlfriend Erica Herman — whom he has dated for 18 months — a huge embrace after the tournament, showing her off in front of the world’s cameras.

After 11 years without a major title, the couple’s public kiss cemented Erica as troubled Tiger’s savior.

The pair’s PDA comes just months after Tiger mouthed, “I love you” at Erica after winning the Ryder Cup last September.

It marked a change in the player, who has been dogged by scandal after he reportedly slept with around 120 women during his marriage to Elin Nordegren, who chased him out of the house with a golf club when she discovered his infidelities.

As well as being arrested for having five different drug types in…



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