Dolly Parton Says She Got Her Tattoos to Cover Up Scars


While catching a sighting of Dolly Parton‘s tattoos might be rarer than seeing a Bigfoot photograph, the rumors are true: The country superstar does indeed have some ink. In fact, she revealed to Larry King in an interview, she started getting small tattoos in order to cover scar tissue.

“I have some tattoos that I started doing just to cover up some scarring,” Parton shared on the broadcast. Her tattoos cover up keloid scarring, a raised scar that occurs on the skin after an injury, surgery or other trauma to the skin. According to Sounds Like Nashville, Parton’s scarring left some skin discoloration to begin with, so the singer decided she might as well embrace it.

“I have a tendency to scar easily, and I’m so fair-skinned that I stay purple right where I’ve had a scar,” Parton explains. “So I started having little pastel tattoos, pastel butterflies or little things, just to cover scars.”

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