MLB Umpires Are Making the Case for Robot Umps for Us


​MLB umpires are looking worse with each passing year, and players and fans alike are getting​ seriously frustrated. After a series of questionable calls, some of which could be considered erratic, early on this season, one thing is becoming clear; the league has a serious problem with its officiating. 

Below is just one example of how bad officiating has been in baseball this season. In the top of the sixth inning, ​Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner threw a fastball that was way out of the zone. It was called ruled as strike three, sitting down ​Rockies star Nolan Arenado, and ending the inning with a man on third base. 

It was a game-changing call that could’ve led to a pivotal at-bat. Arenado was surprisingly not tossed from the game after throwing a tantrum following the strike-three call, suggesting the home-plate umpire knew he was in the wrong. 

Another incident arose at the…



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