Inside Trump’s winning weekend: “A new presidency” – Axios


Graham said that after learning that Attorney General William Barr’s letter was exculpatory on Russia, Trump was “just frustrated, like: ‘They turned my life upside down, they’ve ruined the lives of a lot of people around me, for nothing.'”

  • “And I said: ‘All of that’s true. But it happens every day in America.'”

Officials at the White House and Trump’s reelection campaign said they feel a sense of overwhelming relief.

  • The Trump campaign took in a good haul of text-message fundraising after the no-collusion Barr summary. 

For Trump himself, it was more complicated:

  • On camera, he sometimes raged. Behind the scenes, he alternated between ebullience, and venting about how nobody should have to go through what he had.

A source who was with Trump at Mar-a-Lago tells Axios’ Alayna Treene that Trump “was initially frustrated with Barr” over the line saying the president hadn’t been exonerated on obstruction of justice….



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