Melania Trump young and now: Style evolution revealed after Donald Trump gained power


She made her name as a fashion model, but since her husband Donald Trump, 72, was elected as the US President in 2016, Melania Trump has taken on the role of First Lady. She now spends much of her time attending important events, and promoting her Be Best campaign. With evolving fashion and ever-changing personal preferences, many people undergo a style transformation during their lifetime. But, how has the 48-year-old First Lady altered her aesthetic in recent years?

Taking a look back at her past looks was Glamhive stylist Naina Singla, who is based in Washington DC.

Reflecting on snaps of Melania and her husband Donald taken back in 2014 and 2015, she spotted some notable differences to her modern day style.

Comparing the change, Naina studied more recent captures, from earlier this year – as well as 2018.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “Melania Trump’s style has evolved a lot since she has…



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