Don’t Let Mueller Restore Your Faith in the FBI


The FBI has been under non-stop assault since the election of 2016 — first by Democrats who decried its eleventh-hour decision to restart the Clinton email investigation, then by Donald Trump with his firing of James Comey. The Bureau is currently portrayed in the mainstream media as a friend of justice, suggesting an image rehabilitation after its lawlessness was exposed in the mid-1970s. Already, we have witnessed Comey and Andrew McCabe — who oversaw the FBI in the critical period of 9/11 to 2018 — painted as brave truth-tellers, instead of the repressive law enforcement agents they were. One can anticipate more of this, especially with the prospect of release of Robert Mueller’s report.

Who are these people presented to us as heroes? And who will a re-legitimating of the FBI benefit?

The Agency’s Sordid History

Despite much focus on the FBI recently, the history of those who lead it and the…



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