Column: Suspicious questions linger around Cohen – Opinion – The Augusta Chronicle


So, Michael Cohen was pushing a book deal in which book he wrote praises of Donald Trump.

Cohen’s lawyer and longtime Clinton BFF, Lanny Davis, who allegedly is not being paid nor is expecting to be paid, spoke with congressional Democrats about having Cohen get a Screen Actors Guild card and then appearing before a committee or two or 12, promising to tell the truth. How’d that work out the last time?

Democrats jumped at the chance for Cohen to appear and try to besmirch Trump and his family, and to violate attorney-client privilege in ways not even a light year from the crime-fraud exception. So? Democrats only know disdain and hate, and their mediocre candidate lost, so scorch the planet and the media will help.

Speaking of losing the election: Cohen said that he has no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. It’s not a crime to collude.

The $12 million dossier paid for by Clinton and the…



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