Mark Zuckerberg tightens the reins at Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg is pushing ahead with plans to integrate Facebook’s trio of apps — even if it costs him a key member of his inner circle.

The Facebook chief executive wrote in a blog post on Thursday that two of the social network’s top bosses were leaving the company, less than a year after being promoted to their roles.

The resignations of Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, and Chris Daniels, head of WhatsApp, were widely seen as early signs of a backlash against Mr Zuckerberg’s new “privacy-focused” vision for the world’s largest social network, and sent Facebook shares down more than 4 per cent.

Mr Cox, the “number three” in command at Facebook after Mr Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, was well-liked within the company, having joined in 2005 as one of its first software engineers. He played an instrumental role in building the company, helping to…



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