Elon Musk, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Ikigai, and other audiobooks that are trending


Until about a year ago, audiobooks weren’t a part of mainstream consciousness in India – a market where paperbacks still rule the roost. But, in the last 15 months, two of the world’s largest audiobook platformsStorytel and Amazon’s Audible – entered India  with a slew of local language titles, celebrity-narrated international content, episodic adaptations of cult novels, and more. Even Google launched audiobooks on Play Books in 2018.

Even though audiobooks still occupy a negligible share of India’s $6-7 billion publishing industry, there is a definite upsurge in their consumption. With streaming becoming a way of life for urban millennials, and with the availability of cheap mobile data, audiobooks are slowly gaining ground. While there are no domestic numbers yet, audiobooks are a $2.5 billion market globally.


Publishing experts reckon that India’s rich tradition of oral storytelling will…



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