[VIDEO] American Idol Season 17: Watch Episode 4 — Gaba’s Audition


American Idol has already spun its fair share of heartbreaking backstories this season, so Sunday’s episode (ABC, 8/7c) goes for something a little different: happy tears.

A contestant named Gaba informs the judges that she was born through an anonymous egg donor with whom she recently reunited. Not only do they look alike — as mothers and daughters often do — but she also discovered that they sing alike.

Naturally, the judges are curious to hear this multi-generational music, so they call in Gaba’s egg-donor mom for a stunning duet of Sara Bareilles’ “Bright Lights and Cityscapes.” It honestly sounds like Snow White is singing to herself in surround sound. In fact, if this clip was any longer, I imagine woodland creatures would begin to enter the audition room and make themselves right at home.

“Oh my God!” Katy Perry says when it’s over. “I gotta call my mom!” Lionel…



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