Trump and Irish leader celebrate their countries’ close ties, but differences over Brexit are evident


President Trump, perhaps not wanting to spoil the chummy mood of the annual St. Patrick’s Day-themed visit, announced at the start of his meetings with the Irish prime minister Thursday that he was not going to comment on Brexit, on which he and his guest vigorously disagree.

And then, of course, he commented at length.

“I can tell you it’s a very complex thing that’s going on right now,” Trump said of Britain’s drawn-out and drama-filled divorce from the European Union. “It’s tearing a country apart,” said Trump, who has cheered from the sidelines for Brexit and the populist and nationalist British politicians who have championed it.

“We have a different opinion, president,” Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said mildly. “I regret that Brexit’s happening.”

The annual ritual of the American president hosting the leader of Ireland in celebration of the intertwined history of the…



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