Roseanne Barr slams MeToo victims


Roseanne Barr slams MeToo victims

Roseanne Barr has branded alleged victims of sexual misconduct “hos”.

The former ‘Roseanne’ star criticised the behaviour of a number of women who have shared their stories of being asked for sexual favours in return for career advancement as part of the #MeToo movement – including the accusers of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – and claimed that while she had recently spoken to someone who believed women visited executives in their hotel rooms because “they thought they were getting a job 15 years ago”, she took a different view.

Speaking on new podcast ‘The Candace Owens Show’, she said: “It’s because they’re hos.

“If you don’t run out of the room and go, ‘Excuse me, you don’t do that to me,’ and leave, but you stayed around because you’re like, ‘Well, I thought maybe he was going to give me a writing job,’ well, you aren’t nothing but a ho.”




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