Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Really Meant What He Said


When it comes to Facebook Inc., Chris Cox has been very, very important to the company.

He was an executive from the social network’s early years, a friend and vacation buddy of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a touchstone of the corporate culture and the person most responsible for the “news feed,” the stream of posts in Facebook that has become a defining feature both there and for many other internet hangouts. 

And now, after 13 years at Facebook, and less than one year since he was  handed expanded responsibilities, Cox said he is leaving.

News of his departure stunned people who know the company well. And it may mean the “privacy pivot” Zuckerberg recently announced for his company, which I thought was window dressing, might actually be a new path for the tech giant. 

Cox in his message to Facebook employees referred to Facebook…



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