How Kylie Jenner and Ulta are changing the cosmetics retail industry


Seven companies control 182 beauty brands worldwide.

These seven companies are Estée Lauder ($NYSE:EL), L’Oréal ($EPA:OR), Unilever ($NYSE:UN), Procter and Gamble ($NYSE:PG), Shiseido ($TYO:4911), Johnson and Johnson ($NYSE:JNJ), and Coty ($NYSE:COTY). Among the largest cosmetics retail outlets in America — Sephora ($EPA:MC) and Ulta ($NASDAQ:ULTA) — they put the majority of all the products on the shelves.

But these companies’ stranglehold on the industry is being disrupted. That’s because a “self-made billionaire” is changing the way things are priced, merchandised, and discounted. Her name is Kylie Jenner, and through alternative data, including pricing and store location data, we deconstruct how her Kylie Cosmetics ($KYLIECOSMETICS) beauty line is changing the cosmetics industry, especially with the help of Ulta.

Through a genius pricing strategy, Kylie Cosmetics smashed a wedge in…



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