Does Tesla’s Model Y Presentation Suggest Elon Musk Is Out as CEO?


Forget about the new Tesla Model Y from Tesla (TSLA) for a moment. The Model Y seemed just fine, and exactly as predicted and indeed even teased by Tesla in recent weeks: It’s simply and straightforwardly the crossover version of the Model 3. It even looks extremely similar.

This type of compact crossover body design is the sort of thing every automaker is building — today, in the form of internal combustion engine cars, and going forward in the form of battery-electric vehicles. They make a sedan or hatchback, and they make a couple of SUVs (or crossovers) around it, to form a portfolio of vehicles sharing a common platform.

Not all of them focused on the same geographies (European tastes are different than U.S. tastes, etc.) — but in principle, this is what they all do. Tesla’s Model Y is just following this well-established industry pattern.

My biggest takeaway from the Model Y unveil event wasn’t at…



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