Paul Manafort tried to send a message to Trump. Manhattan’s DA may have rendered it moot.


Lawyers for Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, went out of their way to send one specific message to anyone listening, specifically to Manafort’s former boss: There was no proven evidence of collusion in the charges Manafort faced.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, in adding 43 months to the 47-month sentence Manafort had received earlier this month in another court, dismissed the relevance of that point, as The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake reports.

“The ‘no collusion’ refrain that runs through the entire defense memorandum is unrelated to matters at hand,” Jackson said, adding: “The ‘no collusion’ mantra is simply a non-sequitur.” After all, she pointed out, the investigation isn’t over. It’s worth noting, too, that one hearing related to…



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