Nothing escapes the mind of Tiger Woods


Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. — Three Tiger Woods quickies here on the eve of the Players. It’s an event he has won twice; once in March (2001), once in May (2013).

1. Tiger’s prodigious, but imperfect, memory

One of the odd pleasures of a Tiger Woods press conference is the chance to see his memory in action.

On Tuesday, he was remembering a Jack Nicklaus poster he had on the wall of his childhood bedroom in Cypress, Calif., in the mid-1980s. That poster is actually a significant part of Tiger’s lore. The legend of that poster is that it showed the age at which Nicklaus won each of his 20 major titles, if you include his two U.S. Amateurs. Woods addressed a common misconception on Tuesday (as he has at least once before, in a 2017 Time interview with golf writer Lorne Rubenstein).

“The timeline that I had showed the first time [Jack] broke 40, the first time he won a state amateur, the first time he broke…



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