Ivanka Trump news: This is Donald Trump’s daughter’s age


Ivanka Trump is a former fashion designer who is currently the senior political advisor for her dad, Donald Trump.

She was born in October 1981, making her 37-years-old.

Ivanka is the second oldest of Donald Trump’s five children, and has siblings Donald Jr, 41, Eric, 35, Tiffany, 25, and Barron, 12.

Many people will have spotted that Donald’s third wife, Melania, is quite a bit younger than him, but how does her age compare with her step-daughter, Ivanka?

Melanie was born in April 1970 and is 48-years-old.

This means that Ivanka is just 11-years younger than her step-mum.

She is the daughter of ex-reality star Donald Trump and former model Ivana Trump, 70.

Ivanka dabbled in modelling before becoming a fashion designer herself and worked at her namesake fashion brand for 11-years before she stepped away.

Since Donald Trump became president in 2017, she has worked full-time as his senior political advisor.




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