Facebook’s Zuckerberg discovers privacy | Hill Country News


The headline of Mark Zuckerberg’s 3,200-word blog post Wednesday — “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking” — might lead you to believe that the Facebook chief executive had decided to stop making bank off the reams of personal information extracted from the social media network’s users.

You would be wrong. Facebook, which earned $16.6 billion from targeted ad sales in the fourth quarter of 2018, is not changing a thing about its flagship social network.

Instead, Zuckerberg mainly reiterated something we already knew, with one significant twist. The old news: Facebook plans to more tightly integrate Instagram, the photo-sharing site it bought in 2012, and WhatsApp, the chat app it acquired in 2014, with its Messenger instant-messaging service so that groups of users will be able to communicate privately and seamlessly across all those products. The new news:…



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