Elon Musk contributes to Borderlands 3 weapons


Elon Musk is, for all intent and purpose, the embodiment of Marvel’s Tony Stark. A philanthropist billionaire playboy who enjoys creating all sorts of useful, and sometimes wacky, gadgets. Now the billionaire is contributing to Borderlands 3 weapons, thanks to The Boring Company’s Not A Flamethrower that he helped create.

Earlier in 2018, Musk’s The Boring Company created a portable ‘flamethrower’ for consumers. The very kind of device that gamers have only ever dreamed of becoming a reality. For only US $500, anyone could own one of these Not A Flamethrower devices. Needless to say, they sold out in a fairly short period of time.

Shortly after the Not A Flamethrower launched, Musk took to Twitter to talk about its many…



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