Elon Musk claimed I was a mass shooter in revenge campaign


Elon Musk went overboard as he waged a ruthless campaign against a whistleblower who leaked a news story about wastefulness and safety concerns at Tesla’s California factory last year, according to a report.

Tesla’s billionaire boss orchestrated a stunt to falsely portray former Gigafactory employee Martin Tripp as a lunatic who threatened to shoot up the facility after he got caught leaking an exposé to Business Insider last June, Bloomberg Businessweek reported on Wednesday.

According to the Business Insider report, Tesla was shipping cars with unsafe batteries and wasting a “jaw dropping” amount of materials as it ramped up production of the Model 3 sedan.

While investigating to see if Tripp was the leaker, former Gigafactory security manager Sean Gouthro said Tesla’s security team — some of them hired away from Uber — somehow hacked into Tripp’s phone and were able to read his…



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