Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber fills DH role in AL parks


The good news for the Cubs is that they will be able to use the designated hitter in their season-opening series at Texas.

The bad news is that the DH is used only when they play in American League parks.

Cubs president Theo Epstein would give his eye teeth to have a universal DH in the major leagues, with the National League finally going the way of the AL.

That’s likely to happen in the near future, but not this year.

For now, that’s fine with manager Joe Maddon, who has expressed his desire to keep playing “National League ball,” with the pitcher batting (eighth or ninth in Maddon’s lineups) and double switches all around.

When the Cubs do have an opportunity to use the DH, it’s a way for them to use left fielder Kyle Schwarber in that role or get both Ian Happ and Ben Zobrist into the lineup.

But during regular NL play, Maddon will use all of his machinations, and on Maddon-managed teams almost…



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