The weird life of a lookalike


Three lookalikes explain how they use make-up, prosthetics and the gym to pose as their chosen celebrities

“I am looking at your headshot and you really look like Obama but your ears… your ears really don’t stick out, do they?”

I am on the phone to Reggie Brown, the world’s most famous Barack Obama lookalike, trying to tread the delicate balance between interrogating his likeness to the former US President and not offending him. Luckily for me, Reggie is agreeable, but other lookalikes take it more personally when told that they don’t resemble their doppelgänger. As I would find out.

“Well those are actually prosthetic ears and one of the best artists, his name is Vincent van Dyke,” explains Reggie. “I paid him to build them for me. We were 3D imaging Obama’s ears in pictures and he developed them so I could just glue them on every time. Obama’s do stick out a little more now but I…



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