Roseanne Barr Blames Anti-Semitism for Her Firing from Hit ABC Series


Actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr has said that anti-Semitism was at the core of why she as fried by ABC from her hits series reboot “Roseanne” last year. Speaking to the Jerusalem Post, Barr added that she was singled out for dismissal because she was Jewish and because she is a stalwart supporter of Israel.

USA Today reported that in an interview published Friday in the Jerusalem-based English-language newspaper ahead of her visit to address Israel’s Knesset, Barr elaborated on the real reasons she believes she was terminated by ABC after her reboot of “Roseanne” had earned excellent ratings from audiences throughout the country.

“I feel that what happened to me, a large part of it is anti-Semitism,” Barr told the Post in a phone interview on Thursday from her home in Hawaii. “I think it played a part – the fact that I was never allowed to explain what I meant – and what I meant was…



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