Melania Trump Is Sending Coded Messages By Wearing British Designers, Says ‘Express’


Is the First Lady making a statement about Brexit?

Melania Trump may be sending secret messages via her choice to wear clothes from British design houses, says Express writer Jess Sheldon. However, what that message may be, and its intended audience, remains unclear.

The first lady kept a low profile during the government shutdown but has since been seen on-camera, and often, she’s been spotted wearing British brands. For example, at the State of the Union address, Mrs. Trump wore a jacket from the century-and-a-half-old English design house Burberry, valued at approximately $1919. You can find a similar Burberry jacket on Amazon, with the same black color but lacking the vertical column of buttons that appeared on Melania’s garment, for $1,370. She also wore only one glove during her husband’s annual address to Congress, although the significance of…



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