Ivanka Trump’s plan to ‘save women’ from poverty is getting dragged for its math problem.


Ivanka Trump has been working tirelessly in the White House to increase the wealth and prosperity of women named Ivanka Trump. Her latest thing, announced last Thursday, is called the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, which promises to give $50 million in USAID money to help 50 million women… which, if you’re doing the math at home, checks out to exactly one dollar per woman.

Ivanka Trump's plan to 'save women' from poverty is getting dragged for its math problem.

“Global development and prosperity” are on the Dollar Menu.


Experts aren’t particularly impressed with Ivanka’s “1 woman, 1 dollar” approach to international development, arguing that it amounts to nothing more than “a branding exercise.”

“$1 per woman, or rather $0.02 per woman, once you subtract the money WalMart and others will spend on glossy, self-congratulatory advertisements,” the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Brad Simpson tweeted.



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