Home run buckets? New tiebreakers? Let’s look at possible new MLB rules – The Athletic


Spring training camps open this week, which means we get a good 10 days of “this guy’s in the best shape of his life” stories, and how “the ball is coming out of his hand great” for pitchers like Yu Darvish who are coming back from surgery. We even might get a few stories about how many windshields Kyle Schwarber and Tyler Chatwood have broken during batting practice. But this year we’re also going to get player reactions to all of the different rules changes that baseball is considering.

Three-batter minimum for pitchers

This change would impact LOOGYs more than anybody else. A LOOGY, of course, stands for Lefty One Out GuY. LTOGY, or Lefty Three-Out GuY, doesn’t work as a pithy acronym.

This rule is supposed to cut down on pitching changes and eliminate the hell that Tony La Russa wrought in the 1990s with Oakland when he started using three relievers in an inning to exploit his…



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